Our first attempt at a large scale fundraiser was a success! 

Together with the help of our clients, friends, and families, we were able to raise over $3000 toward local charities!  After it was all said and done we raised $1689 through our incredibly generous client base, and after being matched by Rambo Total Pest Control we were able to have a strong impact for many local families this season!  We are grateful to have such a supportive community to serve!

We will plan to do more of these drives in the future but since this was our first attempt we learned a lot about what integrates well with our business and what doesn’t.  Look for our next event to be for a much smaller amount of time, at a different time of year, limited monetary collection by RTPC, and it will be geared toward a specific group or charity.  If you have any other thoughts on how we can better organize our next drive or fundraiser event we would greatly appreciate your input.  Feel free to send your thoughts to lukerambo@rambopest.com.

Here are a few pictures that help illustrate what your donations were able to provide.  Thank you so much! Click on an image to view larger.