Remote Rodent Monitoring: Challenges and Opportunities

April 29th, 2021|Uncategorized|

By: Chris Somers, A.C.E. and Service Manager at Rambo Total Pest Control This article is part of a series on Rambo's Remote Rodent Monitoring Program. Part 1: Challenges and Opportunities Part 2: Remote Sensing Technology Part 3: Initial Results Part 4: Norway Rat Test Sites The rodent control services you see

Our Mission is Your Protection

March 17th, 2020|Uncategorized|

The professional pest control industry, an essential service, is responsible for the protection of public health, food, and property. Please read the following signed announcement as of March 17th, 2020 by the National Pest Management Association and Rambo Total Pest Control.  National Pest Management Association

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak Precautions

March 6th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Rambo Total Pest Control has had a friendly relationship with Cascade Pest Control for many years.  The owner of Cascade, Kurt Treftz, has organized his thoughts on this coronavirus/COVID19 situation into a very real, practical, and productive blog post and we wanted to share it.  We are sharing this with Kurt's approval and hope

5 Common DIY Pest Control Mistakes

September 18th, 2018|Uncategorized|

Many people feel that they can handle pest control issues on their own, instead of using a professional pest control service. While we don't encourage tackling difficult pest problems without an expert, we know there are some homeowners who want to try taking care of it on their own. Do-it-yourself pest control can come

Beware of Aggressive Door-to-Door Pest Control Salespeople

March 20th, 2018|Uncategorized|

This time of year, we get reports from our clients about aggressive door-to-door pest control salespeople.  There seem to be more and more companies popping up each year, hiring temporary unlicensed people to go door-to-door selling pest control services. These temporary workers are typically not trained in proper identification of insects, and they are

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