Rambo Customer ServiceDuring the Spring and Summer there are numerous pest control companies which hire seasonal salespeople to go door-to-door selling pest control.  These people are usually not licensed for our line of work, but they are well trained on a number of high pressure, fear-based sales tactics.  They will not think twice about scaring their potential new client, and their families, to the point where these homeowners are desperate to find a “solution” to these reported “problems”.

These companies will sign their clients up for a 12 month contract on the spot, saying their technician will be swinging by shortly to perform the work.  The pest technician is also likely overworked and not fully licensed to provide control for wood destroying insects like Carpenter Ants and Termites.

Please do your independent research before signing up with one of these companies, and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same.  We regularly get calls from new clients switching over to Rambo Total Pest Control from these other unscrupulous companies.

We deal in facts and reality while they deal in fear and doubt.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any concerns about any of this.  You can also report any concerns you have to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, our governing agency.  Unfortunately the door-to-door method has proven very effective for building a client base so more and more companies are turning that direction.