This winter Rambo Total Pest Control implemented a new client portal and management system.  Our goal with this change is to free up significantly more time for receiving inbound calls and simplify the way we do business with our clients. The new business management system is called PestRoutes, and is built to handle all the scheduling, routing, billing, inventory, and call ahead notification aspects of our pest control business. PestRoutes is much more modern than our previous system, simplifying many tasks that used to take hours each day, and removes the chance for human error that the old system allowed for.

Below is a breakdown of how this new system helps us better service our customers.

Online Customer Portal — Manage Your Account:

  • View your service history
  • Pay your bills
  • Rate your service
  • View pictures, documents, and much more!

Service Notification System — Increased Communication

  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Automated phone call with push button commands
  • Live phone call when requested
  • All manageable from your On-Line Customer Portal

Update Your Account Today — Tailor Our Service to Your Preference

  • Current clients, please log into your account to take advantage of this new upgrade to your service. Be sure to update your email, phone number, and billing information at:
  • And for those of you that prefer the old way of things, have no fear! We are still here to help you. Give us a call!
Auto Billing