Rambo Total Pest Control has been waiting for our opportunity to begin a Bed Bug Inspections and Control Services program until we felt confident we could match our company’s and our clients’ expectations for results.  Now is the time! We have developed an excellent program which will come with an industry leading 90-day warranty! 

Bed Bug reports have been on the rise for the past 15 to 20 years. In most cases, Bed Bug infestations go several weeks or longer before they are discovered. By the time they are found, they have already had plenty of time to spread into multiple rooms. And as new infestations are starting to take root, they can sometimes go unseen during a professional inspection.

Rambo has developed an inspection and treatment process using the most current Bed Bug research data from Rutgers University, and the east coast Bed Bug specialists Bed Bug Central 

We not only inspects for the presence of Bed Bugs, but educate our customers as to how they may have gotten them. In addition, we also suggest precautions they can take during their daily lives to avoid Bed Bugs, and give actions they can take to detect and prevent them in their homes.

If Bed Bugs are not found, we can initiate preventative measures to reduce your likelihood of Bed Bug infestations; while making their presence easier to detect.

Our Treatment Process is built around minimal impact to our customer’s lives and conscientious material applications to minimize our customer’s exposure to chemicals. Our Minimal Bed Bugs Preparations do not require excessive work before treatments can take place:

  • No Bagging of Clothes or Possessions
  • No Laundering of Clothes
  • No Emptying of Your Dressers, Drawers, or Closets
  • No Major Cleaning or Decluttering of Rooms

The equipment and knowledge we provide for you and your home will continue to help you remain Bed Bug free far after our 90-Day Warranty expires.

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