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Rodents are the true definition of a pest—they breed quickly, they carry disease, and you want them gone as soon as possible. When you need rodent removal in Kent WA, you can depend on the exterminators at Rambo Total Pest Control.

Rodents carry diseases and bacteria.

Rodents will continue to spread microbes throughout the home until you take action. This includes the spread of a variety of diseases in addition to bacteria.

Rats and wild mice have been known to carry:

Rat Bite Fever – Salmonella –  Leptospirosis – Hantavirus – Plague – Trichinosis

Rats infect humans through a variety of ways. A bite or scratch spreads diseases like rat bite fever. Others like salmonella and leptospirosis spread through urine and feces. Since rats mark safe routes with urine and leave droppings anywhere, this can be a major concern. Even your counters aren’t safe. Because they need to constantly chew, rodents are also a regular source of electrical fires.

Remove rodents as soon as possible!

The time for DIY rodent removal is over. Store bought methods don’t come with years of experience, in-depth training, or commercial grade solutions. With a gestation period as short as 21 days, rats can quickly over-breed a nest. This can lead to a colony split and a battle on multiple fronts.

  • Winter rains can flood rats from their nests and cause them to shelter in homes.
  • Local construction also pushes rats out of their homes. They typically relocate nearby.
  • A yard full of refuse like old cars, wood piles, disused sheds, and other items invite rats.
  • Mice have similar behaviors. Both species look for easy meals like outdoor animal food.

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Rodent Removal Kent WA
We don’t believe in luck. It takes dedication, planning, and targeted efforts to eliminate an infestation. That’s why we start with a home inspection. Our inspectors will pinpoint outdoor and indoor problem areas. We take notes throughout the entire process. This acts as a battle map to track nesting sites, feeding areas, activity, and more. We also identify and seal off entry points with best-practice rodent proofing.

Once this is complete we’ll identify any remaining entry points outdoors. Sealing these helps to prevent more rodents from entering. It also forces rodents indoors to feed from bait stations and navigate traps. Many homeowners enroll in our Recurring Rodent Prevention Program. This provides protection beyond your rodent treatment. As local exterminators we know how to effectively remove house mice, roof rats, Norway rats, and deer mice.

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Don’t let your infestation get out of hand. The sooner you call or contact us the better. Choose Rambo for a dedicated in-house, certified, local team of exterminators. You are always priority number one. Stop rodents. Call Rambo now.