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Rodent infestations are no laughing matter. Without immediate action they can grow out of control and compromise your personal safety. When you need rodent removal in Federal Way, trust the exterminators at Rambo Total Pest Control. We can eliminate your infestation and help you carry out preventative measures for ongoing relief.

Don’t let rodents impact your health.

Rodents can have a serious impact on your health. They carry diseases and bring them into your house where they can affect you and your family.

Rats and wild mice have been known to carry:

Hantavirus – Trichinosis – Rat Bite Fever – Leptospirosis – Plague

They leave these viruses everywhere. That includes your food sources, floor, and additional areas. Rodents also track using urine. You may not see it, but they can use it to follow a predetermined escape route. Rodents can even cause house fires by chewing through wires!

Remove rodents as soon as possible!

There’s no time to wait. Rodents have a short gestation period. They breed quickly. When a colony gets too large for its current home, it will splinter. That means waiting could create a multi-colony infestation. Causes are far ranging and are frequently beyond your control.

  • Winter flooding can force rats out of ground level nests and into homes.
  • Construction sites can disrupt a natural rat nest and cause them to flee.
  • Wood piles, outdoor animal food, and sheds all provide food and shelter.
  • Mice are similar. The search for food is one of the greatest factors.

Get Professional Rodent Extermination

Rodent Removal Federal Way
We never leave an infestation up to chance. Each home visit begins with a complete inspection. We’ll inspect outdoor areas and the interior of the home. This lets us easily track rodent behavior like nesting, travel, and feeding. We also identify entry points and perform full rodent-proofing to effectively close these off.

Separating the exterior and interior of your home forces any remaining outdoor rats to seek a home elsewhere. It also forces rats trapped indoors into traps by restricting travel. Many homeowners benefit from our Recurring Rodent Prevention Program. This program covers your home after your rodent treatment is finished. Our technicians can remove all manner of rodents including the house mouse, deer mouse, roof rat, and Norway rat.

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The longer you wait to call an exterminator, the worse your infestation will get. Our team is entirely composed of local, certified, in-house exterminators. We guarantee we’ll never hire out. Stop your rodent problem now. Call or contact us today.