Pest Control Services

Ants are a very common pest in and around homes and businesses in Puget Sound.
many species within this group are excellent pollinators.
Birds can be a severe nuisance and health hazard when they are nesting in or on a structure
Cockroaches are among the creepiest and most difficult pests to control.
Responsible for the transmission of bubonic plague and millions of deaths in the middle ages.
Pantry Pests
This group is mostly made up of different species of beetles and moths.
Rodents can be some of the most disturbing pests to find infesting your house and many times their presence is not realized
Spiders come in many sizes and colors but we all know the basic shape. They all have eight legs and two body regions.
Termites, unlike Carpenter Ants, feed on and digest the wood products they infest.
Wood Boring Beetles
Wood-Infesting Beetles include several varieties, such as: Lyctid, Anobiid, Buprestid and Cerambycid.