How You Can Help to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Faster!

Your assistance and cooperation is critical if you wish to eliminate the Bed Bugs quickly! We ask that you take a few simple steps before your next service:


  • Be prepared to vacate your home for several hours
  • Make sure ALL doors inside the home are unlocked, and that ALL rooms are accessible
  • Please pick up any clutter within a few feet of your beds and couches. We will be moving mattresses, furniture, and bringing in equipment. We need room to move around!
  • Please secure all private or valuables items. We will be opening drawers, looking under the beds, and inspecting furniture
  • Please notify your technician of all pets in the home, and plan to remove them during services
  • Do Not Remove linens from your beds
  • Do Not move your mattresses or furniture
  • Do Not Keep items or clothes under your beds
  • Do Not Bag Up your possessions unless directed to by your technician
  • Do Not Move possessions or furniture from one room to another
  • Do Not attempt any treatments or home remedies yourself


After each of your services you need to follow these directions:

  • Do Not Open, Remove, or Otherwise Damage the mattress or box spring encasements for any reason
  • Do Not Move or otherwise tamper with the plastic Interceptors under your bed and furniture legs
  • Items that need laundering have been placed in large plastic bags for you. Please empty them directly into the washing machine and dispose of the bag outside. These items should be washed and dried on the highest heat possible (without damaging the items)
  • If you notice any unpleasant smells or the room is uncomfortably hot when you return, please open your windows and allow the room to air out longer
  • Please follow any additional instructions provided by your technicians. We need your help to be successful!

After your services there are some things you should be aware of:

  • It is critically important that infested bedrooms are still slept in after each service
  • Room temperatures should be kept as close to the 65 to72-degree range as possible
  • You may still see live bugs and you may still receive bites. This is part of the process
  • The products we used will be continuously working over the next weeks. The process takes time
  • Services are scheduled based on scientific facts about the Bed Bug’s biology and the products we used. Your service treatment schedule is vital to success. Servicing again too soon or too late will negatively impact our ability to eliminate the Bed Bugs
  • Mattresses/bedding/sleeping directly on the ground without a bed frame will significantly slow the control process
  • Leaving an infested room completely vacant during the control process will cause the infestation to spread, and/or the bed bugs to go into hibernation


When you call, our friendly office staff will discuss with you the specifics of your pest issue, provide an estimated phone quote based on this conversation, and schedule a time for one of our highly trained technicians to come by for the initial inspection and service.

We’re here to help!