Spider Removal Tacoma

Spider Removal

Spider Removal: Tacoma, Olympia, Auburn, Kent, Federal Way and Burien

Spider Removal Tacoma

Rambo Total Pest Control Spiders come in many sizes and colors but we all know the basic shape. They all have eight legs and two body regions – cephalothorax and abdomen. What many people don’t know is that spiders are generally beneficial insects because they help keep other small insect populations under control. Spiders have poison glands and they will inject this poison when biting their prey to paralyze it so the meal can commence later or right away. When undisturbed, spiders generally keep to themselves and do not bite humans. Some species, however, will attack humans so caution should be practiced when encountering a solitary spider or a group of them. While many species exist is Western Washington only a few are very common or present a health risk to humans. Order Spider Removal Today!

Spider Removal Tacoma

Spider control techniques can vary depending on what our customer is requesting. Most Spider services will include a brushing of the exterior surfaces of the structure with our technician attaching a “Webster” brush on the end of an extension pole in order to remove much of the established webbing material from the perimeter of the structure. We follow that with a perimeter spray application to the exterior of the house with residual insecticide, focusing on the foundation, under eaves, around exterior lighting and other harborage areas. This brushing also helps to stir up the population of Spiders so they will be more exposed to the perimeter treatment that follows. Inside the structure we can customize the control to fit our customer’s needs, with chemical or non-chemical techniques.

Hobo Spiders

Hobo Spiders/Aggressive House Spiders are very common in and around structures of our geographical area. They can have a severe bite on humans, which can result in tissue loss and a long healing period. Hobo Spiders are easily identified by their funnel-shaped web commonly placed in dark, moist areas like crawlspaces, basements, woodpiles and the gap where the bottom course of siding meets with the foundation. They are rather large in size and have long, hairy legs. They are also fast walkers, known to cover 15 to 20 inches per second, which is quite an unsettling sight when you are not expecting to see one!

Cellar Spiders

Cellar Spiders (Daddy-Long Legs Spiders) are also very large but completely harmless to humans. They are known for their thin but long legs and clumsy walking habits. Cellar Spiders can be a great helper in keeping insect populations down but will also clutter your house with thin, flimsy webs that gather dust and insect bodies. They also can be annoying when you walk into a room that has been unoccupied for a while and your face collides directly with a web. Some arachnophobes can be quite startled by this occurrence and want to find a solution to the situation.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown Recluse Spiders have not been found to be established in Western Washington but there have been some specimens identified, most likely hitching a ride on a vehicle from the midwest. Many insect bites have been inaccurately blamed on the Brown Recluse due to the similar bite they can inflict on humans, but without capturing the offending spider at the time of the bite it is impossible to say what actually caused the bite. These spiders have a “fiddle-shaped” marking on the top of their heads which helps with identification, but don’t get too close to a live specimen as they can be quite harmful if it is indeed a Brown Recluse. Leave Brown Recluse Spider Control to the professionals!

Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow Spiders are not generally found in Western Washington but there are some isolated populations around here. Their bite is rarely fatal but it can be very painful. Black Widows prefer similar nesting areas as other spider species such as sheds, wood piles, crawlspaces and basements. The adult female is identified by her shiny-black, bulbous body and the red hourglass marking on the bottom of her abdomen.

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