Pest Control Tacoma

Do you need a local pest control company in Tacoma?

Pest Control Tacoma

Responsive pest control is all about the company you choose. If you choose local, you get local experts. That’s why you want Rambo Total Pest Control. We’ve been exterminating and controlling pests in Tacoma, WA since 2007. Every customer has unique needs and not every pest problem is created equal. It takes skill, experience, and communication to properly handle pests.

Our pest control techs are local. We never hire untested exterminators during busy seasons!

Other pest control companies hire part-time exterminators during the busy season. These exterminators may be unqualified or know little about Northwest pests. Because our knowledge is what sets us apart from the competition, we don’t hire out during peak seasons. That makes all the difference. Our staff of veteran exterminators is local and full-time.

What makes us the best pest control service provider in Tacoma?

Our goal is elimination and control. That means careful thought and planning. Ensuring a pest free property requires thorough and systematic destruction of the areas pests call home. Whether nests or stop offs, elimination of these is a critical part of our tailored pest control in Tacoma. Every call we get, every customer we work with, receives customized pest control. You want a pest control company that can adapt their experience for every situation. We do.

Pets, children, property size, structure type, and material all need to be accounted for. We openly communicate with our customers as well. That means you get honesty, integrity, and an understanding of the pest control timeline from your technician. It isn’t just our personalization that sets us apart though.

Pest Control Tacoma WA

Get complete pest extermination from local technicians.

There are no weak links at Rambo Total Pest Control. Every technician has the knowledge to handle your pest problem. We continually train to stay at the top of our game. The industry develops newer and safer pest control methods every year. We are one of the first companies to adopt them. We work to implement the safest tactics available. Doing what’s right for our clients and eliminating pests is the foundation of our business.

Enjoy low-pressure sales and free estimates!

Our technicians never use high-pressure sales tactics. Integrity is the foundation of a trustworthy business. We answer any questions you have concerning pest control services before we start work. Keeping you informed about control measures provides the transparency and safety that we value as a customer oriented business. Our technicians are careful to minimize pesticide exposure for humans and pets alike. Your safety is one of our biggest concerns.

We inspect for pests indoors and outdoors.

We are licensed to inspect for pests, habitation conditions, and make best in practice corrective measures through the WA Department of Agriculture.

Contact us today for the best pest control in Tacoma!

Call us now if you have a pest problem in Tacoma, WA. Every solution is tailored to your property, your needs, and your pest. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service utilizing every resource at our disposal. When you need informative, comprehensive, and customized pest control in Tacoma, WA, call (866) 540-RAMBO or contact us today.

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