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Pest Control Kent WA

When you look for pest control in Kent, WA, what do you look for? Is it a company with years of experience, one that both knows how to correctly identify and eliminate Northwest pests? Is it a company with continual training, that stays on the cutting edges of pest control? Maybe honesty and customer satisfaction are the biggest factors when you look for a pest control company? Well Rambo Total Pest Control meets every one of those criteria and many more.

As long-time Northwest residents we’ve been providing exceptional pest control in Kent, WA since 2007. We value our employees, and that’s why they provide such incredible service. Through continual training, and accountability our pest control technicians are given the tools they need to provide our customers with comprehensive pest control that’s tailored to their unique needs.

Complete Pest Control and Extermination

We approach every job with an open mind. There can be many factors that contribute to an infestation in Kent, WA, and a pest control specialist that assumes they know the situation is one that misses important details. Our pest control process is mutli-tiered, and specifically designed to provide you with thorough and long lasting pest control in Kent, WA.

  • Pest Inspection – Every job begins with a careful inspection. Our technicians have years of experience identifying the different signs and symptoms of pests in the Northwest. If you’ve seen any evidence of activity, collected any samples, or experienced a recent change in health, we want to know about it. We’ll examine the inside of your property as well as the outside of your property, taking careful notes and compiling information about your infestation.
  • Infestation Review – Before we begin treatment we’ll always go over our findings with you. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions, as we both show and tell you about the extent of your infestation. We won’t treat your property without first formulating a pest control plan. We’ll take into account room use, residents (including pets and children), activity levels and determine which areas need to be treated as well as what environmental factors need to be addressed to keep an infestation from recurring.
  • Pest Treatment – With an impressive number of tools at our disposal, there’s no infestation too great. Pest control methods are unique to the pests themselves, so methods are tailored to eliminate specific pests. We use the safest control methods available, and will always minimize your exposure to pesticides where the treatment plan allows.

When you want long lasting, reliable pest control in Kent, WA from a team of seasoned professionals at the top of their game call (866) 540-RAMBO or contact Rambo Total Pest Control today.

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Professional Pest Control Kent WA

Kent, WA

Kent, WA is a fantastic little city with a lot to offer residents and visitors. There are a number of great activities in Kent, WA including the Kent, WA Historical Museum. With a wide array of antiques, historical artifacts, and stories about Kent’s history, this is a great place to find out more about this lovely city.

Those looking for a museum in Kent, WA with a slightly more exciting past should visit the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum. See and touch famous raceboats and hyroplanes in person as the museum hold many record winners from race boating’s long and interesting history.