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Pest Control Federal Way

Don’t trust your pest control in Federal Way to just anyone. There are some specific traits you want in a pest control technician. That’s because pests can cause many problems. These include extensive property damage and negative health effects that can even be life-threatening. Incorrect methods for a species or pest type can cause a problem to spread or grow. They may survive, inhabiting areas you are unaware of, and gain resilience to failed control measures. When you hire Rambo Total Pest Control, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Don’t try DIY pest control. When performed incorrectly it can damage your health and home.

Our team of highly skilled, experienced pest control technicians can properly identify and fully rid you of your pest problems. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for complete pest control. That’s because we also address the issues that lead to an infestation in the first place. This allows us to provide you with total relief from pests now, and a heavily reduced chance you’ll suffer from a similar pest problem in the future.

Complete Pest Control & Extermination

  • Training – We’re often asked how it is we provide complete pest control. Customers want to know if our technicians pass secrets down from one generation of exterminator to the next. It’s actually the opposite. Thanks to continual industry progress when it comes to pest elimination methods and technology, we have to continually train in new pest extermination techniques to remain at the top of our game. Keeping our fingers firmly on the pulse of the pest control industry allows us to provide the very best in pest control to Federal Way residents.
  • Experience – Many customers are unaware of this, but pest control companies in Federal Way do have a busy season. During the summer and spring our many companies frequently hire out of state pest control technicians to fill their ranks. These temporary workers are often unfamiliar with the Northwests’s pests and habits. Rambo Total Pest Control has a staff of full-time, local pest control technicians. We all live and work in the Northwest, and have extensive training and on-site experience identifying and eliminating all species and sub-species of Northwest pests.
  • Detail – As fully licensed pest inspectors by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, we’ve been certified to perform pest inspections both indoors and outdoors. We can identify nesting sites, harboring areas, and entry points that less experienced pest control companies may miss. Our pest control treatment in Federal Way is always tailored to eliminate your infestation and designed for your property and life style. We take every factor into account, including property size, use areas, residents age and numbers as well as pets. Our team always uses the safest methods available to bring you total pest relief in Federal Way.

When you want total pest control in Federal Way call (866) 540-RAMBO or contact us today.

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Federal Way

The Federal Way / Northeast Tacoma / Brown’s Point areas contain some the most scenic views in our region. If you look at a map of the area it is bordered by Puget Sound on 3 sides, with the I-5 freeway as the other border. Dash Point State Park and the other greenbelt areas around Federal Way, as well as the proximity to water and numerous small lakes, make Federal Way a gorgeous place to call home.

With a wealth of activities, anyone interested in the history of Federal Way should be sure to check out the Historical Society of Federal Way. Members seek to educate adults and children alike about their city’s interesting history. Those interested in a less active past time have to visit the Pacific Bonsai Museum. With an impressive collection of beautiful bonsai, it’s truly a site to behold.