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You shouldn’t leave pest control in Burien up to the amateurs. Pests can pose a number of problems. These include things like negative health effects and property damage. If your pest control in Burien isn’t performed correctly it can mean your pests are still present, still causing problems, and potentially even more resilient than before. With Rambo Total Pest Control there’s no need to worry.

Our team of experienced, highly skilled pest control technicians know how to correctly and fully rid you of your infestation. As your one stop solution for total pest control we also address factors that contributed to your problem in the first place. That way you get complete relief from pests now, and a greatly reduced chance of suffering a similar infestation in the future.

Pest Control and Extermination Services

  • Training – You may be wondering how we accomplish complete pest extermination. Are there secret pest removal practices handed down from generation to generation? You may be surprised to know it’s actually the opposite of that. New technology and methodologies for pest removal in Burien are developed every year, and we stay on top of them. Having our finger on the pulse of the industry allows us to provide you with the best in Burien pest control.
  • Experience – You’d never know unless you asked, but there is a pest control season. Pests are most prevalent during the springtime, and that’s when companies frequently hire temporary technicians to fill in during increased rates of infestation. These employees are often out of towners, and don’t know the area, its pests, or the methods used to eliminate them. With a full-time staff of Washington residents, we’ve grown up here, trained here, work here, and know how to identify any and all species and sub-species of pests. We can create a plan that will eliminate, and specifically target your pest problem in Burien.
  • Detail – We’re licensed pest inspectors from the Washington State Department of Agriculture. That means we’re certified to perform full inspections that cover both the inside and outside of your property. We can identify conditions that harbor pests and eliminate them as well as creating a customized pest control plan tailored to you. That’s because we take every factor into account including property size, conditions, residents and pets, and more. Using the safest methods available we’ll provide you with complete pest relief in Burien.

When you need absolute pest control in Burien call (866) 540-RAMBO or Contact Us today.

Pest Control Services Include:

Pest Control Burien WA


Burien is a gorgeous city located just south of Seattle right next to the Puget Sound. With a whole host of beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, Burien is an excellent place for people with varying interests. The Highline Historical Center seeks to preserve the history of Burien and the greater Washington area. Recently winning an exhibit award from the Washington Museum Association, they are a priceless resource for those interested in the past.

Burien doesn’t shy away from the future either. The Burien Arts Association houses a local gallery that offers classes as well as a free gallery open to the public. With a rotating roster of installations and exhibits, it’s an excellent place to put your finger on the pulse of the Northwest art scene.