Exterminator Kent


Exterminator Kent
When you want a pest problem eliminated, choose the exterminator Kent depends on for pest control. At Rambo Total Pest Control, we handle native and invasive pests indoors and outdoors. As Northwest pest technicians we’re proud to help eliminate pests from your home. We don’t cut corners, we take every necessary step, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to help your home stay pest free after treatment. That’s dedication to quality, and our customers, at work.

Choose the company that only uses in-house exterminators.

Many extermination companies are understaffed once the busy season hits. This can lead them to hire outside their company to make up the difference. These hires may not be certified, completely trained, or even know how to correctly identify local pests. Instead of fixing your pest problem, they can make it worse.

We only use trained, full-time, local exterminators! Our team is made up of full-time employees. They know and work with Northwest pests every single day, receiving on-going training so that we can always provide you with the best treatments. Don’t let an inexperienced exterminator aggravate your infestation. Homegrown help is here, and we know how to correctly exterminate local pests.

Your Kent Exterminator

Infestations don’t have a one-size fits all solution. Every job requires a custom approach. Every home is different and the way pests respond to that environment can be unique to that infestation. When you choose Rambo, you’ll recieve:

  • Scheduling and a free phone quote on your time: Our service quotes are based on information you provide on your infestation. We’ll collect information about what you’ve experienced and base initial quotes on these details. We schedule services around your needs, but depending on the severity we may advise immediate action.
  • A detailed and comprehensive inspection: Our exterminators are fully licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. We can identify indoor and outdoor pests around your home or business. We frequently use diagrammatic descriptions to map an infestation and create a treatment plan.
  • An honest, no obligation consultation: When an inspection is finished we’ll go over our findings with you. This includes treatment cost, recommendations, expected results, and more. With our exterminator, Kent home owners get low stress sales. Quotes are subject to change based on your inspection results. We communicate these changes to you before every beginning work, but our ready to begin treatment immediately. We’re happy to answer any questions, and how we proceed from there is up to you.

Contact us for customized pest extermination!

Infestations aren’t created equally. Exterminators aren’t either. You want the best local exterminators year round. You want dependable and friendly service on your time. You want all the facts, none of the fluff, and low-pressure no-scare sales tactics. You want Rambo Pest Control, because that’s what we deliver. Call (253) 848-6000 or contact us for an exterminator today and experience the difference.

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