Ant Control Tacoma

How do you control ants?

Ant Control Tacoma

It’s the question homeowners ask no matter what ant species has invaded their home. How do I control ants? The search typically leads to the hardware store, but your local supply store should never be your first call. Ant colonies are self-contained ecosystems. They respond differently than individual ants. At Rambo Pest Control our exterminators have trained and studied to understand the interplay between the ant and the colony. That’s how we provide effective ant control in Tacoma without the risks associated with DIY treatments.

Why shouldn’t you get rid of ants in the home yourself?

DIY ant control comes with some serious downsides. You might save money in the short-term, but the long-term results are rarely what you expect. Here are just some of the situations we’ve seen occur when homeowners attempt to solve an ant problem on their own.

  • Ant control treatments are poisonous and can make homeowners sick. Just because it is over the counter does not mean it is safe. Knowing where and how much of a chemical to use is critical. This is doubly true in households with small pets or children. Home treatments have sickened and even fatally injured DIY exterminators.
  • The colony responds with aggression and fear. Ant species do not all respond to the same treatment in the same way. They interpret threats differently. If you cause a frenzy in the colony and aren’t expecting it you can be in for a serious shock. Certain species also have defensive measures triggered by a treatment.
  • Your problem gets worse and spreads to other areas. Certain Northwest ants will actually split colonies when they are treated incorrectly. Instead of one ant problem, now you’re facing two. We’ve dealt with this on many occasions. Skilled applications of the right commercial grade ant control treatments would have avoided this response.

Expertise is the best home remedy for ant control.

We provide ant control in Tacoma and the surrounding areas. When you call us we promise you three things: Knowledgable Northwest ant experts who work for us full-time, the best commercial grade equipment and treatments available, and guaranteed ant control. There’s no substitute for the training we undergo. It allows our technicians to identify your ant species, use the right ant control methods for the species, and apply treatments in the safest manner possible.

How do we control ants?

The control methods we use depend on a wide range of factors. During an ant inspection, we identify the species, colony size, location, home occupant risks, entry points, and other factors. These all help our technicians decide on the best course of action. The best ant control in Tacoma is customized for your property. That’s what we do every time. Control products and methods may include:

  • Inspections: Inspection to identify foraging trails, conducive conditions, and nest locations.
  • Ant bait: This “food” is strategically placed and carried inside the colony by foraging ants. It poisons a colony from the inside.
  • Sprays: These are typically used to treat a colony at the source when direct access is available, or as preventative treatments around the perimeter of your structure.

Contact us today for professional ant control in Tacoma.

Don’t risk your health, happiness, and home. We provide guaranteed ant control using the latest available methods. Professional pest control doesn’t just make the difference, it is the difference. An ant-free home is just a phone call away, so don’t DIY, call or contact us today and get rid of ants for good.