Fleas are among the most bothersome pest infestations to have. Even though fleas cannot live on people, they don’t discriminate when it comes to feeding; they will bite human legs and ankles without hesitation, leaving behind a very itchy and irritated bump. A single flea can bite hundreds of times per day and infestations can reach overwhelming levels quickly.

Fleas are usually introduced into a structure by a dog or cat, as they require a host animal to survive. Because of this, flea eggs will remain dormant until they feel the vibrations of a host walking by. Then they will emerge from the egg and jump onto their new host.

Flea Control and Removal


Fleas can be controlled by combining a number of techniques; our treatment combines an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) with an adulticide.

The IGR effectively sterilizes the eggs and larvae, and the adulticide eliminates the adult population. That leaves the pupal stage, in which they are very well protected. All carpeted areas are treated, focusing on areas your pet frequents or sleeps. It is important that as much clutter as possible is up off carpeted floors. A crack and crevice treatment is performed in rooms without carpet.

We request that all of our customers thoroughly vacuum the interior floor areas excessively before we arrive. The vibrations will draw out the fleas, so they are exposed as quickly as possible to our treatment, greatly assisting in the timely resolution to the infestation. The vacuum should be emptied into the exterior garbage after each use. Any pets must also be treated with a product approved by your veterinarian.

Occasionally there are flea infestations where there are no pets or carpets to be found. In these cases, there is usually a wild or feral animal accessing an attic, garage, crawlspace, or the area below a deck. Exclusion of the house—and sometimes trapping of the animal—is required.

We offer a six-month warranty for our flea control services, as long as our customers are following the instructions laid out for them. These pests can irritate an entire household very quickly, so don’t delay your call to Rambo Total Pest Control for a free phone quote!


Responsible for the transmission of bubonic plague and millions of deaths in the middle ages, the Flea can be a serious problem. Fortunately for us, plague is rare and controllable now.

Flea-infested rats were blamed and killed in large numbers when plague was first introduced into Asia and Europe, and those unsuspected fleas were homeless until they could find a new host for their next blood-meal. That’s when bubonic plague began to spread almost uncontrollably, due to the transmission of the disease from the fleas to humans.

The flea can be more than just a severe nuisance, it can be a serious threat to public health. Fleas undergo complete metamorphosis, taking anywhere between a few weeks to over a year to mature from egg to larva to pupa to adult, depending on conditions and host animal availability.

When populations grow, these little nuisances become difficult to ignore and professional help is needed. It is also not uncommon to enter a house that has been vacant for up to a year and have hundreds of fleas appear out of “nowhere”. This is due to their ability to remain in their pupal stage for a very long period, until they sense the vibrations of a new host. This tells them it is time to emerge and feed.


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