Rambo Pest Control Team

Luke Rambo

Born and raised as a fourth generation West Seattlite, Luke now makes his home in Puyallup with his wife and two kids. He has been in the pest control industry since 2001. When he is not on pest patrol he enjoys playing with his kids, following the successes and failures of the Seahawks and Mariners, dabbling in a bit of metal detecting, and reading a wide variety of books. He also has an interesting collection of “crawlspace finds” that range from old beer cans and pest control product containers to various building materials showing damage caused by a variety of local pests.

Tera Rambo

Born and raised in Tacoma, Tera now lives in Puyallup with her husband Luke, and their two wonderful children. Although her official entry into the pest control field was not until 2007, when Tera and Luke created Rambo Total Pest Control, Tera has been an honorary Pest Management Professional since she encouraged Luke to become one in 2001. Tera is very involved with her childrens’ schools and in the business as well. She enjoys spending time with family and relaxing while daydreaming of a getaway on the coast of somewhere beautiful.

Robert Leslie

Robert “Butch” Leslie was born in Hawaii, spent time in California and has settled here in Puyallup, WA. He has been working at Rambo Total Pest Control since early 2013 and quickly became a big hit with his customers. They love his attention to detail, which is invaluable when dealing with sneaky pests. He enjoys spending time with his family, dreams of getting away on a surfing trip to the coast, is involved with his son’s school, and constantly demonstrates that aloha spirit that Hawaiians are famous for.

Collette Foley

Collette joined Rambo Total Pest Control in late 2013 as an Office Administrator. Always thirsty for knowledge, she quickly absorbed the study manuals required for becoming a licensed Pest Management Professional and passed with flying colors, even though it is not necessary for her position! She is sharp and full of optimism. When you call and speak with her it is impossible not to come away with a smile on your face. In her personal life she is a dedicated mother and wife who sings in her church choir and also very involved in her community.

Chris Somers

Chris was born and raised, and currently resides in Puyallup with his wife and soon-to-be-born baby. Chris has worked at Rambo Total Pest Control since early 2013. He has always had an interest in the insect world, going back to when he was a kid. Once joining the team here, he started an insect collection and has jumped in with both feet while taking classes on proper insect collection and preservation techniques. Chris also plays drums, enjoys music, and spending time with his family. If you find an interesting insect specimen give him a call and he might want to add to his collection!

Earl Russell

Earl “Russ” Russell was born in New Hampshire but has settled in SeaTac, WA. Russ has been working at Rambo Total Pest Control since 2011. His first day on the job was also his birthday and we spent it working all day in a crawlspace while it snowed outside. In his time away from work he enjoys playing poker, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, spending time with family and friends, and following the Seahawks.

Mariah Foley

Born and raised in the Tacoma area, ​Mariah has always been outgoing and passionate about people. Whether it is family or friends, a homeless person on the street, or someone with an infestation, all she wants to do is help. In 2014, she discovered Rambo Total Pest Control and began to come in a couple hours a week to help around the office. Upon graduation from Pierce Community College, she was learning so much that we decided to keep her around full-time. Mariah excels at using her sunny disposition to help find a personalized solution to each of our clients’ situations.

Jeff Carle

Jeff joined the Rambo Total Pest Control team of field personnel in January 2015 but he has been working in the local pest control industry since 2008. He is an encyclopedia of information on pest biology and he is happy to share this knowledge with his clients throughout his daily service calls. In his personal time, Jeff lives with his wife in Covington and plays saxophone in a band that tours the local club scene. We are very happy to have such an experienced, well-rounded individual on our team!