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Rodent infestations can be devastating. They can easily grow beyond what you imagined and affect your safety. When you need rodent removal in Renton, call on the exterminators at Rambo Total Pest Control. We can stop your infestation and enroll you in our preventative program for continuing relief.

Rodents are bad for your health.

Rodents carry a host of diseases. They spread these throughout a home and will continue to do so until you take action.

Rats and wild mice have been known to carry:

Rat Bite Fever – Hantavirus – Trichinosis – ┬áLeptospirosis – Plague

Rats can infect your floor, food, everyday items, and more. They don’t stop there. Mice and rats leave invisible urine tracks everywhere they go. They use these to navigate and they can get nearly anywhere. That means your counters aren’t safe. Because of their need to chew, rodents can even start house fires by gnawing on electrical wires.

Remove rodents as soon as possible!

Don’t wait any longer. Rodents breed very fast and their gestation period can be as short as 21 days. When an area can no longer support a colony, some of the pests will split off and start a new colony. This could leave you with two or more infestation points to combat.

  • Rats flee winter flooding and may take residence in the nearest structures.
  • Local construction can destroy rodent nests. They will seek shelter nearby.
  • Yard refuse like piles of wood and sheds are great rat homes.
  • Mice have similar behaviors. Food is a large motivator, especially easy meals.

Get Professional Rodent Extermination

We never let chance determine the outcome of an infestation. Each visit begins with an inspection. This allows our exterminators to pinpoint problem areas indoors and outdoors. We take copious notes. This lets us track current identified paths, feeding areas, nests, and more. We also seek any entry points and close them off with using detailed rodent-proofing protocols.

After that we close off the outside of the home from the inside. This helps prevent the entry of more rodents. It also funnels internal pests into our carefully laid traps and bait stations. Many homeowners benefit from our Recurring Rodent Prevention Program. This program protects your home beyond the initial rodent treatment. Our experience allows us to effectively remove deer mice, house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats.

There’s no time to wait. Contact us now.

The longer you let your infestation persist, the worse it will become. Our team is dedicated. Choosing Rambo means choosing local, in-house, certified exterminators. You are our number one priority. We don’t hire out and we stop rodent problems in their tracks. Call or contact us today.