Rodent Removal in Burien

Do you need local rodent removal in Burien?

Rodents are a scourge. They bring disease into your home and breed quickly. You want them exterminated as soon as possible. When you need rodent removal in Burien, you can rely on the exterminators at Rambo Total Pest Control.

Rodents carry bacteria and disease.

You must take action. Until you do rats and mice will contaminate your home. They spread harmful and even deadly bacteria and disease.

Rats and wild mice have been known to carry:

Rat Bite Fever – Salmonella – Leptospirosis – Hantavirus – Plague – Trichinosis

Rats can pass these microbes to humans in a number of ways. A scratch or bite can cause rat bite fever. The urine trails and feces they use to mark pathways can contain leptospirosis and salmonella. Even your counters aren’t safe. Because they continually chew, rodents also cause electrical fires.

Remove rodents as soon as possible!

There’s no more time for DIY rodent removal. Store bought products don’t cut it. They are designed for the inexperienced user and are not as effective as commercial solutions. There is no training or experience required. That’s a problem. Rodents are highly intelligent and can produce young in just 21 days. Our exterminators have the tools and knowledge to directly combat your rodent infestation.

  • Winter rains cause flooding. Fleeing rats will often head to the nearest available structure.
  • Construction pushes out wildlife. Rodents often relocate into neighboring homes.
  • Pests go where shelter is. Yards full of refuse are a lit “vacancy” sign for rodents.
  • Mice have similar behaviors. They also like easy food. Don’t leave pet food outdoors.

Get local rodent extermination now!

Rodent Removal Burien
We don’t rely on luck. Extermination takes planning, dedication, and a targeted response. Every visit starts with an inspection. Our pest inspectors analyze your home. We pinpoint problem areas inside like open food containers and coverage areas. We also note potential feeding areas, nesting sites, and travel paths. If you’ve seen them directly we mark where. This allows us to create a targeted removal plan.

Our exterminators identify entry points outdoors. We seal them off. This cuts off the rodent problem and isolates it. It also forces indoor rodents to feed on bait stations and work around traps. Many homeowners enter our Recurring Rodent Prevention Program.[/highlihgt]. This provides ongoing protection. As NW exterminators we can effectively remove varieties that include roof rats, house mice, Norway rats, and deer mice.

There’s no time to wait. Contact us now.

Your infestation is getting worse. The sooner you call or contact us, the better. Choose Rambo. Get help from a certified, dedicated, local in-house team of exterminators. You are our first priority. Stop rodents. Call us now.