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There is defintely a reason why working with smaller companies is typically better the the big chains: The great service you get. Luke and his team at Rambo couldn’t have supplied any better service.

I called Rambo because I was having some rat problems in my house, for the second time (first time I tried to take them out). They came out the next day and put a plan in place to take care of those pesky rats. Seeing on the website that they did crawl space repair and knowing I had some problems down in my crawl space, we starting working on what that would entail.

Long story short, I decided that redoing the crawl space we be great for my family and Luke and his team went right to work. Luke ran into a few obstacles along the way to finishing the project, but always kept me in the loop and talked to me like I was family. He did not beat around the bush, he did not try to sell me something I didn’t need and he only had me, my family and even his team’s best interests in mind.

After overcoming the obastacles along the way, the redone crawl space is sealed off from any pesky rodents getting in, my house is warmer and my electric bill is much lower. Now I feel comfortable knowing that my family is breathing cleaner air and leaving in a cleaner enviroment.

The projects may be done, but I still have Rambo’s traps around the outside of the house and love that they are always willing to come on a dime if something doesn’t seem right. If anything were to happen I would not hesitate to call and I do not hesitate to tell anyone about Rambo Pest Control. What a fantasic little company.

Thanks for everything.

The service man checked in the attic and outside. He found that there was a wasp nest. He did offer a lot of information about how bees and wasps operate. Russ was on time, very informative and courteous. I would recommend Rambo and Russ to my friends.

I called when I saw a rat. They got that rat! I signed up for the quarterly service. They are very friendly and informative.

Russ checks all the bait stations each service and he is making sure we don’t have any more problems with rats. He is always on time and listens to my concerns. He is also very thorough and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Russ always arrives ahead of schedule, is professional, knowledgeable, and provides the highest level of service. He provided excellent suggestions for resolving the rodent problem. Russ is very clean and well-kept, and is careful to leave any dirt outside. We have two large dogs and he is very friendly with them. We always enjoy our visits with Russ and ask for him specifically for follow up work.

Hello Luke, We would like to thank you for the excellent work you did to help us eliminate the moles which had been tunneling in our rose and dahlia gardens. The special professional poison bait (shaped like a worm), attracted the moles and took care of the problem. It was clear when you re-checked the bait that they had eaten it, and we have had no mole mounds since then. We are elderly, so it is especially helpful to get rid of the moles because we are suseptible to tripping in the holes and mounds. We don’t want to take a fall. Thank you for your professional, friendly, prompt service. I will definitely recommend you to my family and neighbors

Letter of recommendation to Luke Rambo of Rambo Total Pest Control –

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did in eliminating the odorous house ant infestation we had in our home. None of our numerous home treatments had worked during the past year, and the problem was getting much worse. I was finally at my wits end when they showed up on our kitchen counters and dining room table!

Due to your thorough home examination, you discovered that the ants had a very large nest in our crawl space, as well as a well-traveled route though our sunroom out into the garden where they were getting food and water. Since your professional treatment of both of these areas (in March), I have not seen a single ant!

Thank you so much for helping me regain my sanity.

I am thrilled with Rambo Pest Control. We’ve had a mouse problem for years, usually just a few in early spring in the garage. But this spring was very bad and when I found “evidence” on the kitchen counters and in the OVEN!!, it was the last straw.

I happened to pick Rambo out of the phone book because of the name. Luke Rambo turned out to be prompt, professional and he really knows his stuff. He identified colonies where we had no idea they existed. It’s no wonder we couldn’t get rid of them. He remedied their access and we’ve been mouse free since the 2nd week of calling him in. I’ve never been so happy with any kind of service before. An environment friendly service at such reasonable fees – it’s been the best decisions I’ve ever made for our home

If you have a pest problem or think you have a pest problem, call Total Rambo. Your message will be returned promply and an appointment will be set up within a day or two. AND, you will be treated by an honest business person. I have my crawl space inspected on average every year. I have never been told I had a problem and of course was always releived to hear that. A few weeks ago I had someone over to secure the vent screens in the crawl space and while he was down there, I smelled an oder. The screen replacer could not find a problem but the more I read about potential problems, the more paranoid I became about it. I also convinced myself that my house smelled. So I looked in the phone book and visited three pest control websites that seemed to go the next level from your average bees nest sprayer. I went with Rambo and am glad I did. It turned out I had nothing living or dying down there nor did I have any house rot conditions. The smell in the space was normal, Luke reassured me and told me I didn’t need to have anything done. (He also thought my house smelled clean.) He wouldn’t even charge me for the visit. I insisted on at least a measly $20 but I know that wasn’t enough. In return, I want to spread the word and will definately have him back next summer for the bees nests that love my house. He could have totally (no pun) taken advantage of me but didn’t. Thanks Total Rambo!

Did you know that besides ridding households of pests, these guys can warm your house? In the last few years we have had double pane windows installed, a new roof put on and a new efficient furnace with ducting installed, but our house still felt drafty and cold. But thanks to Luke and Nick’s hard days work, our house is now finally cozy warm. How? They paid attention to the important crawl spaceunder our house. They installed insulation under the floor, around the heating ducts, and around the pipes. The difference was immediate and profound, with our house instantly feeling warmer and retaining precious heat overnight. I love these guys! They did the job in one day, left no mess behind, and (bonus) did a thorough pest inspection while they were under the house. I am now recommending Rambo Total to everyone I meet. You won’t find more skilled, ethical, and affordable folks to take care of your most prized possession, your home!

We recently had both a Yellow Jacket problem & a surprise Wasp problem. We had called several Companies out of the Phone Book & On-line to get quotes & to discuss our problem. Luke ended up being the most direct, available, and thorough Pest Control Professional. Not only did he call back almost immediately, but he was also available right away. He was on time & appeared very Professional. He was extremely thorough in looking around our yard to check for a wasp’s nest, because some dead wasp’s were found near our house. He was very polite & took the time to explain his procedures. After he left I found more evidence of a wasp nest & called Luke. He not only followed up with taking care of the rest of the wasps’s &
their nest, but he also sprayed the Yellow Jacket’s nest a second time. He did not charge any extra for this service & he instructed my husband in how to seal the area where the Yellow Jacket’s had been. We would highly recommend Luke & his Company to anybody & in fact have already done so! Thanks Luke for helping us out so quickly with our “Bee” problems!

There is a reason to work with a small business owner versus large nebulous company: excellent service. Rambo Total did a first-rate job on our crawl space cleanout, rodent exclusion and insulation. We appreciated their prompt, courteous and professional work throughout the process. From Luke’s initial timely response to our urgent call, to Nick’s next day, highly competitive estimate, to the great work they completed both day one of the job and then following up, everything was done to the best of our expectations. We highly recommend working with Total Rambo

I’m embarrassed to say that we had black rats (or large mice) climbing into our bird-feeder. I was especially upset because the bird-feeder is supposed to be squirrel proof, and I didnt’ want these ugly, dirty rodents eating my expensive sunflower seeds. They were also scaring away the birds.

Luke Rambo quickly assessed the problem. He found their tunnels in soil (hidden under the ivy) and set traps in strategic locations along their trails. The traps are the type that lock to ensure that children and pets cannot get into the poison. I have not seen a rat/mouse since Luke set out the traps! Luke has come by to refill the traps as needed.

I am very happy that my birds can eat in peace. Thanks Luke!

I can’t say enough good things about Rambo Total Pest Control! I’ve had both Luke and Nick work at my house and they are friendly, reliable, fast, completely honest, plus 110% good at what they do. Both are really knowledgeable and even better, they’re ready to share their helpful information with clients.

When I bought my house in 2007, I called Rambo because my inspector saw signs of wood-boring beetles. While in the crawlspace Luke noticed that the plastic moisture barrier on the floor was not a continuous sheet of plastic, but a mosaic of about a thousand little plastic garbage bags (!). Luke also found rubbish overlooked by another contractor a few weeks before (who didn’t notice, or at least didn’t report, the plastic bag problem). Luke did an absolutely terrific job of cleaning out the beetles and the rubbish and he put down a good moisture barrier. Three years later it is still clean, dry and dust-free down there.

This fall I found rats in my yard and birds in my attic. I knew who to call. Luke returned my call the same day and arranged for Nick to stop by. Nick is super! He’s very observant and knows everything there is to know about rodents. Nick wasn’t in my yard 30 seconds and he was already spotting places where critters could get into the house. He put out traps and bait stations, and came back today, a week later, to do the exclusion work as promised. Rodents have been taking the bait (yes!) Special thanks to Nick for sharing my concern for the birds. Nick went above and beyond the call of duty and hung a new birdhouse outside the attic vents after sealing the holes.

If you have critters or any other problem in an attic or crawlspace, call Rambo Total Pest Control. They have my highest recommendation!

Russ is always prompt, courteous, very professional, and personable. We always enjoy working with him.