Exterminator Renton


Exterminator Renton
When you want a pest problem dealt with, choose the exterminator Renton relies on for professional pest control. At Rambo Total Pest Control, we handle every indoor and outdoor pest you might encounter. As Northwest pest technicians we’re proud to help local homeowners get and remain pest free. That’s why we don’t cut corners, and take every necessary step to maintain the highest quality service.

Choose the company that only uses in-house exterminators!

Many extermination companies hire on seasonal exterminators during busy seasons. This can seriously affect the quality of service. These exterminators may not be properly trained, certified, or even know the behavior of local pests. Instead of curing an infestation, this can make it worse.

We only use thoroughly trained, full-time, local exterminators! All of our team members are full-time employees that receive on-going training. They understand Northwest pests better than anyone. We know the right methods for the safest removal that substantially reduces the risk of aggravating an infestation.

Your Renton Exterminator

There isn’t a single solution for every infestation. We approach every job with a fresh eye. This helps us to provide customized pest extermination. When you choose Rambo, you’ll receive:

  • Scheduling and a free quote when you want it: Service quotes are based on the information we receive about your infestation. Scheduling is made around your needs, but certain infestations may demand immediate attention.
  • A thorrough and detailed inspection: Our exterminators are fully licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. We can identify both outdoor and indoor pests in and around your home or place of business.
  • An honest, no obligation consultation: Once we’ve completed an inspection, we’ll cover our findings. That includes treatment recommendations, cost, expected results, and more. Our exterminators aren’t pushy. You’ll get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Once we answer any questions you have the choice is up to you.

Contact us for customized pest extermination!

A quality exterminator in Renton uses their local knowledge and experience to design a customized extermination plan. Infestations are unique. A pest in one environment may spread differently in another, nest in different areas, and damage one part of the structure they won’t touch in another. Our exterminators customize their strategies case by case. Your home is unique—your treatment should be too. Call (253) 848-6000 or contact us for an exterminator today.

Other services include: