Exterminator Burien


Exterminator Burien
Pest problems don’t go away on their own. Until you take action, the damage will continue to grow, and the problem is likely to spread to other areas of your home. You want results, you want complete pest elimination, you want an Exterminator in Burien from Rambo Total Pest Control. We specialize in the extermination of both native and non-native pests both in and outdoors. This is performed using integrated pest management that uses a number of different tactics in unison to achieve better results.

Choose the company that only uses in-house exterminators

Whether you’re dealing with sugar ants, beetles, rodents, or any other pest, the quality of your extermination service is determined by the quality of your exterminators. We only trust Burien properties to Burien area employees. During the busy season, a common industry practice involves hiring outside exterminators to help fill the ranks. They may lack training, understanding of Northwest pests, or even proper certifications.

We never hire outside exterminators. Our employees are full-time, local, and extensively trained. We also engage in continual company mandated training sessions to stay current on the latest extermination methodology. Don’t give pests an inch by choosing an inferior exterminator. Choose local with Rambo.

Your Burien Exterminators

Controlling pests isn’t a one-size fits all system. Experienced local extermination experts are capable of customizing their approach. Factors can include building layout, size, infestation spread, pest species, and more. Determining the right way to proceed means approaching your infestation with a critical eye and looking at it from every angle. We tailor our plans to your property, and choosing Rambo gets you:

  • Scheduling and a free phone quote on your time: We’ll gather infestation related information over the phone in order to determine your free quote. Scheduling occurs on your time, but if you a dealing with certain aggressively natured or damaging pests we may advise an immediate on-site inspection.
  • A detailed and complete inspection: We’ll send a Washington State Department of Agriculture licensed exterminator to your property. We can identify any pests you may have residing in or around your business or home. Samples, diagrammatic descriptions, notes, and more are collected before creating a treatment plan.
  • An affordable general purpose pest assessment: Once we’ve completed your inspection we’ll go over our findings. Our company exercises low-stress sales, and we’re glad to answer any questions you may have. After your inspection we’ll provide a revised quote, and we won’t begin providing treatment without your consent.

Contact us for customized pest extermination!

Infestations aren’t all the same, and neither are exterminators. You want local, capable, year round extermination. You want reliable and friendly services performed on your time. You want no-scare sales and all the facts without the fluff. You want Rambo Total Pest Control because that’s what we do. Call or contact us and show your pests the door.