Cockroach Removal Tacoma

Cockroach Removal

Cockroach Removal: Tacoma, Olympia, Auburn, Kent, Federal Way and Burien

Cockroach Removal Tacoma

Cockroach Pest Control is by far one of the more difficult pests to control. That’s why they have survived, virtually unchanged, since the days of the dinosaurs, and they will continue to survive long after we are gone from this planet as well!

With their reproduction and adaptation capabilities it’s a wonder they’re not infested in every home. Known for transmitting diseases such as Salmonella and contributing to childhood asthma, these pests can be more than just disgusting, they can be¬†downright dangerous. ¬†

These insects are generally nocturnal and avoid light, that’s why they scatter in search of a tight, dark place when lights are suddenly turned on in the kitchen while someone is looking for a midnight snack. A mature female will drop anywhere from 4 to 90 egg cases in her lifetime, depending on her species, and each case holds up to 48 eggs inside, again depending on species.

The most common roach species encountered in the structures of our region is German Cockroaches (Blatella Germanica). During a female German Roach’s lifetime of less than one year she can produce as many as 8 egg cases with up to 48 eggs in each case. That equals almost 400 new roaches! Then add in all the reproduction of her offspring and you can understand why Cockroaches are such a formidable opponent to the professional pest controller, not to mention the average resident of a roach infested structure. It is extremely important to call in the experts when a roach infestation is first noticed.

Cockroach Removal Process

Cockroach Removal Tacoma WA
Rambo Total Pest Control is here to help. We have all the important tools and techniques that are required to eliminate even the worst infestations. It all begins with a complete and thorough inspection of the structure to determine the high concentration areas and harborage sites.

Many times sanitation improvement is also required to gain control in these difficult circumstances. Roaches can and will eat almost anything to survive including their own feces and human toenail clippings. Eliminating all potential food sources is vital, especially when roach baits will be used to obtain control.

Almost every cockroach infestation must be controlled using a multi-faceted attack on them. Caulk, cleaning supplies and elbow grease can be great contributors to eliminating these difficult pests. Long gone are the days when “spray, spray, spray” was the motto for controlling cockroaches. Baits, Insect Growth Regulators, monitors, exclusion, and sanitation are noted keys in an effective “Integrated Pest Management” approach to Cockroach control.

If you are having Roach problems don’t hesitate to call Rambo to the rescue today for a free phone quote!