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Bird Removal Tacoma

Birds can be a severe nuisance and health hazard when they are nesting in or on a structure. Birds are known for many things but when they are nesting within a structure it’s difficult to see them as anything other than feces factories and noise producers. When looking for Bird Removal, remember to contact Rambo Total Pest Control.

No matter what kind of bird problem you may have there is no getting away from the unsightly mess of their feces dropping down your siding and corroding your paint. Many pathogens and diseases are also associated with their feces. Both new and old houses can be magnets for different pest species of birds such as pigeons and starlings.

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Bird Removal Tacoma WA
Oftentimes houses are built with weak screen in the soffit or eave vents and small birds, such as starlings, can peck through very easily and before you know it they are bringing in twigs and starting a nest. The newborn chicks are difficult to ignore when they are “talking” to you from inside the attic above your bedroom at 5:00 AM every morning. They also bring with them unwanted parasitic pests such as mites as well as carpet beetles and other smaller pests that feed on the feces and other organic matter within these nests.

Pigeons are a little different in that they rarely will nest inside a house, unless there is a broken window into an attic or other large opening. In general they prefer the sheltered area of a roof or overhanging ledges like under gable edges or roof girders under the eaves as seen on many older houses.

Control of pest birds can vary considerably due to many different factors. We typically center our bird control programs on “exclusion,” or closing up the access points they use to gain entry into a structure. Sometimes bird spikes can be installed to make a ledge a very uncomfortable place to roost. Each situation is very different and we accommodate your needs and interests into every program we set up. Very rarely is a lethal control program necessary, usually properly placed exclusion and repellent-type devices can do the job.

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This is typical of the bird removal & control issues that we encounter and shows what we do to prevent these issues.  The materials we use are guaranteed for 5 years but in all likelihood will last for the lifetime of the house. 


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