Bee Removal Kent WA

Bee Removal

Bee Removal Kent WA

Bees are incredibly beneficial. They pollinate trees and flowers in addition to preying on a number of damaging insects. As much good as they do, bees can present a major hazard if you or a family member suffers from sting related allergies. When bees build a nest in your home it can be especially dangerous. Certain species build nests in chimneys and walls, and children can be particularly vulnerable to an attack. For bee removal, Kent, WA depends on Rambo Total Pest Control. We provide fast and total removal of bees, hornets, wasps, and other stinging insects.

We only treat for Honey Bees when there is a direct threat to the public or an individual. More often we treat for Paper Wasps, Mud Dauber Wasps, Bald Faced Hornets, and Yellowjackets. When deciding on bee removal, Kent, WA homeowners should be mindful that when bees feel threatened they can become dangerous and aggressive. This makes it important to treat them as quickly as possible when they pose a threat to humans.

Professional Bee Removal Kent, WA Depends On

When it comes to bee removal, Kent, WA services are carried out swiftly and professionally by our technicians. Treatments can often be scheduled for a same day completion. Our bee removal company believes in a targeted approach. This focuses on nesting sites and allows us to remove the source of the threat. We’re experienced with all bee and nest types, and can safely combat surface, underground, hanging, and concealed nests. If activity reoccurs in the days following a treatment, we’ll return to deliver a knock out treatment at no additional cost to you.

Your Comprehensive Bee Removal Kent, WA Services

We provide complete, swift, and reliable removal of all stinging insects!

Bee Removal Kent Washington

  • Yellow Jacket Extermination – For bee removal, Kent, WA residents need services that aren’t restricted. That’s why we’re a complete bee removal company that takes care of these aggressive insects. Yellow jackets build nests in many different locations. They are often found underground, in trees, or in structures like building attics. Populations peak between mid-summer and fall, so take every precaution when you find a nest.
  • Bald Faced Hornet Removal – This hornet species can build an incredibly large nest. These are often found hanging from tree branches or under home eaves. If they sense an intruder, they can become extremely aggressive. Caution must be exercised when performing removal services.
  • Paper Wasp Extermination – Paper wasps are fast nest builders. They can easily cover building eaves with nests. Early bee removal in Kent, WA can keep this small problem from becoming a major one. This type of wasp is less aggressive than many other species, but as their population grows the chances for hostile relations does too.
  • Mud Dauber Wasp Control – These wasps are often beneficial and prey on common pests like spiders, but their nests can spoil an otherwise nice house. With total bee removal, Kent, WA residents can get complete Mud Dauber Wasp management and nest removal. Treatments don’t usually require chemical applications and completely removes nests.

When you need total bee removal in Kent, WA, no one delivers guaranteed service like we do. Call (866) 540-RAMBO or Contact Us today for a free quote.

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