Ant Removal Kent WA

Ant Removal

Ant Removal Kent WA

Ants are an incredibly common sight in the Northwest, but when they affect your home or business an outdoor inhabitant can quickly become an indoor pest. There are a wide variety of ant species that frequently cause damage. Waiting for ant removal in Kent, WAcan lead to the need for expensive restoration and a more widespread infestation. You want effective, reliable, locally trusted ant removal from Rambo Total Pest Control. We don’t just manage your infestation, we eliminate it.

Some varieties of ants are more likely to infest a property, and can be especially troublesome. The biggest offenders in the Northwest are moisture ants, carpenter ants, and odorous house ants. They can be difficult to impossible to remove on your own, and some over the counter products can even cause infestations to spread. Our professional ant removal in Kent, WA gets results, so don’t leave your home’s integrity to chance.

Signs that Ant Removal is needed

Ant Removal Kent WA

Different ant species have unique behaviors and physiology. These can help you identify what type of ant you may be dealing with.

  • Carpenter Ant Removal – Wood damage caused by insects in the Northwest is primarily attributed to these ants. Although many believe they consume wood, they do not. They actually remove it one bite at a time when tunneling through your walls. They’ll move it away from the nest, and you may find it. These small piles of sawdust like material are called, “frass”. This may be found under garage door headers, in crawlspaces, or throughout your house. These ants are fairly large and have strong mandibles (mouth parts) perfect for excavating wood one piece at a time.
  • Moisture Ant Removal – Ant removal in Kent, WA is most often a necessity for this variety in late summer, although foraging and nesting activity continues year round. They are hard to miss when a reproductive swarm emerges in an unfortunate homeowner’s kitchen or living room. Although their carpenter ant cousins can nest in damp and sound wood, these ants only infest moist wood. They form mud colored nests out of wet wood pulp that look spongy, or coral like. Moisture ants can cause rapid deterioration of wood due to the combined efforts of the ants and the moisture damage.
  • Odorous House Ant Removal – This ant species is easy to spot. Crushing one produces a smell that is described as rotting coconuts or ammonia. With a fast reproduction cycle and colonies with multiple queens, these ants can spread fast without ant removal in Kent, WA. Spraying a colony with traditional insecticides can also result in a “budding process” in which the colony splits into multiple units and spreads throughout the structure. Our technicians have years of hands on experience and extensive training handling these tricky pests. Using industry leading techniques and commercial grade products we provide ant removal that mitigates the risk of colony splitting.

Professional Ant Pest Control

Before we begin ant removal, we perform a thorough inspection of your property. Our technicians are trained and have extensive real world experience identifying every variety of pest in the Northwest. We’ll analyze specimens, catalog evidence of recent activity, and determine the scope of your ant infestation.

Depending on our findings we’ll use a variety of different methods and strategies to provide you with long lasting ant removal in Kent, WA. Methods include spray treatments, fogging, and bait that eliminate a colony from the inside out. Bait options can cause a flurry of activity within a colony, and may take several weeks for full effectiveness. With regularly maintained ant prevention services, you may never require ant removal again.

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