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Ant Removal Federal Way WA

Ants are a frequent sight in the Northwest, but what you might not mind so much outside your home or business can quickly become a nuisance inside it. Many species cause wide ranging damage. Waiting on ant removal in Federal Way can cause an infestation to grow, leading to the need for extensive restoration. Don’t wait! Get reliable, effective, local ant removal and contact Rambo Total Pest Control today! We don’t manage ant infestations, we eliminate them.

There are certain varieties of ants that infest properties with more frequency. Some of the most common offenders in the Northwest are odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and moisture ants. These species can be almost impossible to remove on your own. Certain store bought products can even agitate ants, causing them to re-locate or even split colonies. Our professional ant removal in Federal Way is tailored to get results, so don’t leave your house ant problem up to chance.

Signs of an Ant Problem

Ant species are unique. They have different nesting, building, and breeding behaviors. This determines their physiology and may help you to better identify them. Some of the most common ant infestations in Federal Way are caused by:

Ant Removal Federal Way

  • Carpenter Ant Removal – When property owners suffer wood damage, these are the likely culprits. It’s often incorrectly thought that carpenter ants consume wood. When tunneling they actually remove it a single bite at a time. You may actually find it. Worker ants take each bite away from the nest. These small sawdust like piles of material are called “frass”. Piles may be located anywhere in your house including crawlspaces and garage door headers. These ants have strong mandibles (mouth parts) and are quite large in size averaging .64-2.5cm.
  • Moisture Ant Removal – We receive the majority of our moisture related requests for ant removal in Federal Way near late summer. Though they nest and forage all year, reproductive swarming occurs near summer’s end. This is hard to miss for homeowners and can result in a swarm of flying ants taking over a kitchen or living room. This species is a close cousin with the carpenter ant, but only nests in moist wood. Nests are formed from mud colored wet wood pulp. When dry they appear coral like and spongy. When combined with moisture damage, moisture ants can drastically increase the rate of property damage and wood deterioration.
  • Odorous House Ant Removal – This is one of the most easily identifiable ant species, and also one of the most difficult to combat. Crushing one of these ants produces an intense smell like ammonia or rotting coconuts. They have multiple queens in each colony and fast reproduction cycles, making professional ant removal in Federal Way a necessity. They spread fast when left alone, but traditional insecticides can cause “budding.” This is when a colony splits, establishing independent colonies on a property. For this reason alone we strongly advise against handling these ants on your own. Our technicians have extensive training and years of local experience combating these tricky pests. We use commercial grade products specifically designed to reduce the risk of budding and industry leading techniques for effective odorous house ant removal.

Professional Ant Removal

Every ant removal call begins with a thorough inspection of the infested property. Our technicians have extensive on-site training and experience identifying ant varieties both common and uncommon in the Northwest. We’ll catalog any evidence of colony activity, analyze specimens, and ascertain the scope of your infestation.

We’ll use a number of different strategies and methods depending on our findings. These are designed to provide lasting ant removal in Federal Way. Methods may include fogging, bait, and spray treatments. Bait options can occasionally cause activity flurries in a colony, but this will abate as full effectiveness is achieved. Having our technicians perform regular preventative maintenance services may keep you from ever needing ant removal again.

For reliable, effective, professional ant removal in Federal Way call (866) 540-RAMBO or Contact Us today.

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